Purpose-built for profitable small business lending

Launch fast, improve continously

Launch entirely new credit products in weeks, using fully composable services that can be mixed and remixed to adapt and optimise your risk and business strategy.

Automate with intelligence

Enhance your customer experience, with highly automated services that proactively mitigate risk and support customer growth.

Turn volatility into opportunity

Anticipate market and customer volatility, instantly changing your risk strategy and service execution to quickly meet new challenges and opportunities.

A fast and smart platform for lending to small businesses

Maximise origination

Embed your service into any channel, offering accurate, multi-product soft offers in under 60s

Increase efficiency

Statistical models enable full workflow automation and reduce data and decision costs

Minimise impairments

Proactive customer and market monitoring help anticipate challenges before they occur

Rapid speed to market

Launch new products in days, and continuously adapt with instant risk and workflow recalibrations

A single API to command your entire lending service

Our end-to-end platform provides everything you need to launch and sustain a profitable lending business, available through one API.


Expand and optimise your borrower funnel with accurate product recommendations offered in under 60 seconds

  • Accurate offers on only 5 data points

  • Soft checks reduce data costs by 80%

  • Multi-product recommendation engine increases eligibility

  • Up-front affordability checks increase conversion

Learn more about our Originate product

    "companyId": "3055356223458117123",
    "annualTurnover": 1000000.0,
    "desiredAmount": 30000.0,
    "tradesWithRestrictedCountries": false,
    "tradesMostlyAbroad": false,
    "isSme": true,
    "reasonForFunding": "Purchase",
    "detailedLoanPurpose": "Car",
    "costPreference": "lowestMonthlyRepayment",
    "netProfit": 500000,
    "accountEndDate": "2022-04-30",
    "accountDepreciation": 20000,
    "accountAmortisation": 20000,
    "otherAccountOperatingIncome": 100000,
    "tradesOutsideUk": false,
    "tradingAddress": "175 Rotherham Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire",
    "tradingAddressPostcode": "S71 2LG",
    "tradingName": "SAUK UTILITIES LIMITED",
    "website": "www.test.com",
    "declaredBrokerEmail": "broker@x.com"


Automate collection processes and loan adjustments to maintain a simple, effortless customer service.

  • Automated repayment collections via direct debit

  • Configurable product factory and automated servicing workflows

  • Automatic recalculation of payment holidays and early repayment

  • Fully integrateable with Loan Management Systems

Learn more about our Operate product

curl --location 'https://dev-api.beabel.io/api/v1/funding/confirm-disbursal' \
--header 'x-api-key: {{your_key}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{your_token}}' \
--data '{
    "companyId": "null",
    "loanId": "3094460391250461801"


Monitor portfolio health and growth to pre-empt challenges and turn volatility into opportunity.

  • Customer-level alerts on credit quality and growth drivers

  • Proprietary ‘ongoing’ behavioural PD score

  • Single-pane view of portfolio performance and economics

  • Drill down from sector to individual loan views

Learn more about our Monitor product

    "success": true,
    "message": "Success",
    "result": [
            "offerId": "3090870144746915364",
            "type": "firmOffer",
            "productName": "floc",
            "priority": null,
            "status": "APPROVED",
            "fundingLimit": 73000,
            "term": 12,
            "percentageFee": 0.1,
            "setupFee": 0,
            "monthlyInterestRate": 0,
            "apr": 0.0997,
            "monthlyRepaymentAmount": 6691.67,
            "createdAt": "2023-04-28T11:14:15.769793+00:00",
            "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T11:21:07.079644+00:00",
            "approvedAt1": "2023-04-28T11:21:06.796626+00:00",
            "approvedBy1": "user@x.com",
            "approvedAt2": null,
            "approvedBy2": null

Fully featured to win share in new markets, products and customer segments

Our platform was purpose-built to help Challenger and Specialist lenders turn healthy and sustainable profits in underserved SME segments and products

Accurate offers in under 60 seconds

Provide quick and accurate offers in less than a minute using only 5 data points whilst converting at >95%

The right product, every time

Provide multi-product offers from a single quick offer, providing your customers with a wide choice of appropriate options.

Forecast on rich transaction data

Run forward-looking affordability projections on bank transaction data to identify high potential borrowers.

Respond to change before it happens

Monitor customer and market economics, using timely alerts to anticipate customer challenges and opportunities.

Adjust risk parameters instantly

Instantly execute changes to your risk policy with granular, no-code control over your risk parameters.

Customer-first, SME-specific, profit-max’ing decisions

We’ve combined advanced data science and real-world lending experience to develop fully configurable, forward-looking and context-rich models that  accurately predict the borrowing and growth potential of small businesses.

  • Accurate decisioning on <2 years trading history

  • Context-rich decisions based on 400+ industry subsectors

  • Proven fully-automated process for £25-250k loan sizes

  • Multi-product recommendation engine

  • Instantly reconfigure 200+ risk parameters in no-code

Own your customer relationship in any channel

Your workflow, your way

Build with complete control over your customer and employee experience and workflows.

Move fast without breaking things

Our fully composable services enable agile applications built for continuous improvement.

Build with your best partners

No more 'rip and replace'. Seamlessly integrate with your preferred channel partners and service providers with our API-first platform.

“The level of automation Abel can deliver is better than anything we have seen in the market, and our customers loved the speed at which they could access the funds they needed.”

Justin Benjamin

No more 'rip and replace'

Abel’s APIs can infuse new capabilities into your existing applications or power entirely new lending propositions, providing you with the outcome you need at the appropriate level of investment.

Large software applications

‘Industrialised’ software applications require ‘all or nothing’ usage with high implementation and change costs

  • Fixed workflows and interfaces with limited configuration

  • Requires process re-engineering and re-training

  • Reliance on custom integration backlogs

  • Only available in full or ‘per module’

  • Heavy upfront investment, long implementation and ‘big bang’ go live

Abel’s API native platform

Seamless integration and capabilities that can scale in line with your outcomes and investment appetite

  • Completely flexible and composable services

  • 'Headless' integration with customer and employee workflows

  • API-native integrations with third party systems

  • Fully composable for ‘per-feature’ usage

  • Supports agile implementation across both risk and technology

Seamless integration with your entire lending ecosystem

Our API-native platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing technology estate, accelerated by a range existing integrations into leading lending and technology services.

Built on experience by lending innovators

Our mission is to make innovation a reality for every lender. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of risk and technology professionals from places like FIBR, TSB, Barclays, and CERN.

Meet our team