Reduce cost-to-serve

Fully automated and self-service functionality provide a fast and responsive service for lower operating cost.

Expand your catalogue

Provide your customers with a wider spectrum of credit products, maximising eligibility and better matching their funding needs.

Originate upsell opportunites

Use a 360 view of your customer, combined with behavioural data to identify focused upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Multi-product, customer-centric, fully-automated operations

Add more products, integrations and experiences without creating additional cost, allowing you to scale your operations efficiently and effectively

  • Supports full catalogue of unsecured term and flexible products

  • Capable of integration with full range of modern LMS

  • Pre-built integration with leading lending solutions

  • Native Abel LMS available for fast market entry

curl -L '' \
-H 'x-api-key: 9e1x0VbUqj4lCfX8dCZwH7uypjo7cuo4aK1iW7jv' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer' \
-d '{
    "clientCode": "{{client_code}}",
    "name": "floc1",
    "baseProductId": "2540844594162041863",
    "description": "product floc",
    "generalConfig": {
        "terms": [12, 24],
        "minimum_withdrawal_amount": 5000,
        "minimum_withdrawal_percent": 5
    "pricingConfig": {
        "repayment_interval": "monthly",
        "late_payment_fee_percent": 10
    "eligibilityConfig": {
        "min_funding_limit_value": 10000,
        "max_funding_limit_value": 500000,
        "max_pd": 0.3,
        "min_affordability_percent": 75,
        "affordability_multipiers": {
            "12": 1,
            "24": 2
curl -L '' \
-H 'x-api-key: 9e1x0VbUqj4lCfX8dCZwH7uypjo7cuo4aK1iW7jv' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer' \
-d '{
    "companyId": "null",
    "loanId": "3094460391250461801",
    "instalmentNumber": 1,
    "amount": 3050.00
curl --location '
& loanId=3093912722497079006' \
--header 'x-api-key;' \
--data ''
Explore our documentation
A fully programmatic credit stack.
Browse our API reference

Efficient self-service through any interface

Abel supports fully automated loan processing and collection journeys, exposed through a set of APIs that embed rich, self-service interactions directly into any customer touchpoint.

  • Advanced self-serve features to enhance LMS functionality

  • Automate repayment journeys using Direct Debit integrations

  • Integrate with any customer and operational interface

Create fully automated operations journeys

Automate your operations and customer management processes, using our event stream to turn insight into action across your teams and third party systems

  • Integrate alerts into shared email inboxes and slack channels

  • Granular event streams covering >100 operational and risk management events

  • Directly integrate events and data to third party systems via SQS, DynamoDB and Webhooks

Support your chosen servicing stack

Integrate directly with your chosen Loan Management System or make use of our native Abel Servicing stack, custom-built to support specific SME digital servicing functionality.

  • Native Abel LMS for fast speed-to-market

  • Experience with successful Mambu integrations

  • API-native connectivity connects with a wide range of third party services

Configure and launch new products in a single sprint

Our Product Factory provides fully configurable product templates, helping you quickly expand your product catalogue whilst retaining a single view of your customer and highly automated operations.

  • Out-the-box support for unsecured product catalogue

  • Multi-product platform facilitates a single-customer-view

  • Configurable pricing and eligibility criteria per product

  • Easily configurable for secured and asset-linked products

Fully featured across the entire lending journey

Dynamic product selection

Provide multiple product offers throughout your application process, maximising eligibility.

Quick offers in under a minute

Provide customers with multi-product soft offers generated in 60 seconds on 5 data points.

Open Banking driven forecasting

Conduct forward-looking transaction analysis and monitoring via Open Banking connections

Cost-conscious decision making

Smart decision model sequencing optimises accuracy whilst minimising data costs.

Automated fast-track originations

Safely fast-track credit-worthy customers through the approval process.

Customer-level early-warning alerts

Vigilantly monitor customer credit health, enabling proactive customer support.

Behavioural PD analytics

Combine servicing, economic and bureau data to track customer default probability.

Sub-sector economic forecasting

Track economic indicators across 400+ sub-sectors to find unique lending opportunities.

Instant risk parameter adjustment

Execute instant changes to your risk policy with granular, no-code risk parameters.