Expand your market

Get a true view of customer affordability, and offer a wide range of choices to maximise your addressable market.

Reduce origination costs

Provide a great offer experience, and reduce unnecessary data costs with smart decision model orchestration.

Unlock your ecosystem

Embed seamlessly into a wide range of channel partners using our API-native SME lending solution.

Customer-first, SME-specific profit-max’ing risk science

Using advanced data science, in-depth analysis and real-world lending experience Abel can quickly understand the true lending potential of any SME applicant and serve up an appropriate and profitable product for them.

  • Accurate decisioning on <2 years trading history

  • Context-rich decisions based on 400+ industry subsectors

  • Proven fully-automated process for £25-250k loan sizes

  • Multi-product recommendation engine

  • Capable of processing complex, multi-director applicants

curl -L '' \
-H 'x-api-key: 9e1x0VbUqj4lCfX8dCZwH7uypjo7cuo4aK1iW7jv' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer' \
--data-raw '{
    "companyId": "null",
    "annualTurnover": 1000000.0,
    "desiredAmount": 30000.0,
    "tradesWithRestrictedCountries": false,
    "tradesMostlyAbroad": false,
    "isSme": true,
    "reasonForFunding": "Purchase",
    "detailedLoanPurpose": "Car",
    "costPreference": "lowestMonthlyRepayment",
    "netProfit": 500000,
    "accountEndDate": "2022-04-30",
    "accountDepreciation": 20000,
    "accountAmortisation": 20000,
    "otherAccountOperatingIncome": 100000,
    "tradesOutsideUk": false,
    "tradingAddress": "175 Rotherham Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire",
    "tradingAddressPostcode": "S71 2LG",
    "tradingName": "SAUK UTILITIES LIMITED",
    "website": "",
    "declaredBrokerEmail": ""

curl -L '' \
-H 'x-api-key: 9e1x0VbUqj4lCfX8dCZwH7uypjo7cuo4aK1iW7jv' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer' \
-d '{
    "companyId": "null" 
    "success": true,
    "message": "Success",
    "result": [
            "offerId": "3090844480195003781",
            "type": "quickOffer",
            "productName": "floc",
            "priority": "secondary",
            "status": "DRAFT",
            "fundingLimit": 10000,
            "term": 12,
            "percentageFee": 0.14,
            "setupFee": 0,
            "monthlyInterestRate": 0,
            "apr": 0.1396,
            "monthlyRepaymentAmount": 950,
            "createdAt": "2023-04-28T10:23:16.316986+00:00",
            "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T10:23:25.467378+00:00"
            "offerId": "3090844479934956932",
            "type": "quickOffer",
            "productName": "floc",
            "priority": "secondary",
            "status": "DRAFT",
            "fundingLimit": 10000,
            "term": 24,
            "percentageFee": 0.235,
            "setupFee": 0,
            "monthlyInterestRate": 0,
            "apr": 0.1175,
            "monthlyRepaymentAmount": 514.58,
            "createdAt": "2023-04-28T10:23:16.281919+00:00",
            "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T10:23:25.467378+00:00"
            "offerId": "3090844480379553158",
            "type": "quickOffer",
            "productName": "term-loan",
            "priority": "primary",
            "status": "DRAFT",
            "fundingLimit": 10000,
            "term": 24,
            "percentageFee": 0,
            "setupFee": 0.055,
            "monthlyInterestRate": 0.0084,
            "apr": 0.0858,
            "monthlyRepaymentAmount": 487.22,
            "createdAt": "2023-04-28T10:23:16.338537+00:00",
            "updatedAt": "2023-04-28T10:23:25.467378+00:00"
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A fully programmatic credit stack.
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Offer quotes that convert, in under 50 seconds

Break borrower inertia by delivering fast and accurate quotes in whichever channel they engage in.

  • Accurate offers on only 5 data points

  • Quotes delivered in under 50 seconds

  • Lead-scoring engine keeps quote-offer conversion at 85%+

  • Data-lean decision cascade increases speed and reduces costs

Find customers that other lenders miss

Target underserved small businesses confidently and profitably using decision models  purpose-built for the unique and diverse profile of the SME segment.

  • Forward-looking affordability models

  • Economic indicators from 400+ industry sub-sectors

  • 200+ configurable eligibility criteria

  • Transaction analysis via Open Banking and statement OCR

Customer-first, multi-product offers

Deliver customer-centric funding solutions, serving lending solutions based on need, not on product silo, and remaining compliant with consumer duty regulations.

  • Multi-product offers generated from a single application

  • Product appropriateness model identifies best product-borrower fit

  • Multi-product ‘fall-back’ offers held to maximise conversion

Full-featured automation, in every channel

Integrate with the full range of acquisition channels, partners and third-party providers to create a seamless origination experience in every channel.

  • API-first platform embeds into any channel

  • Origination features optimised for broker channel

  • Integrate with popular KYC/KYB, Digital Signature and LMS solutions

Precise, instant changes to risk policy in no-code

Make precise, instant and constant changes to their risk policy without waiting on implementation by engineering, giving you complete control to adjust to market conditions as they change.

  • Make instant changes to 200+ risk parameters

  • Composable model can ingest new datasets and models in hours

  • Customise with your own pD and IFRS9 economic scenarios

Fully featured across the entire lending journey

Dynamic product selection

Provide multiple product offers throughout your application process, maximising eligibility.

Quick offers in under a minute

Provide customers with multi-product soft offers generated in 60 seconds on 5 data points.

Open Banking driven forecasting

Conduct forward-looking transaction analysis and monitoring via Open Banking connections

Cost-conscious decision making

Smart decision model sequencing optimises accuracy whilst minimising data costs.

Automated fast-track originations

Safely fast-track credit-worthy customers through the approval process.

Customer-level early-warning alerts

Vigilantly monitor customer credit health, enabling proactive customer support.

Behavioural PD analytics

Combine servicing, economic and bureau data to track customer default probability.

Sub-sector economic forecasting

Track economic indicators across 400+ sub-sectors to find unique lending opportunities.

Instant risk parameter adjustment

Execute instant changes to your risk policy with granular, no-code risk parameters.